About Us

DizzyBee is a small consulting company based in Perth, Western Australia.iStock_000014559264XSmall-300x244_r2_c2

The Internet and web revolution means that a web presence is virtually essential for any business even those that are not an on-line business. Customers are in the habit of using Internet search as a means to locate goods and services and if your business is not there then they won’t find you.

That was the reason Dizzybee was formed. To provide a service for small to medium sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations who require a website with some basic editing and publishing features that doesn’t cost the earth. Our services are aimed at small companies, retail businesses and sports and other clubs or organisations that cannot afford the services of the ‘big’ web development service providers.

Dizzybee is more affordable because we use a selection of open source content management frameworks depending on the clients needs. These frameworks include Drupal, WordPress, Zenphoto and for larger e-commerce solutions, BigCommerce. These provide many features that are easy to configure and customise for your site. This makes it easier for us to create the main parts of your site quickly.

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