Club Packages

Recently, we have been involved in the development of a number of websites for small non-profit sporting clubs. Most web development companies do not cater for this market because most of these customers cannot afford their services. Most small clubs and associations would love to have a web presence so that potential members can find them, but their options are usually limited and in the end a volunteer “knocks something up”. They do a great job but normally the site is buggy and lacks features and functionality that would be desirable simply because the costs of the professional skills required is prohibitive.

The employees of DizzyBee have themselves been involved with many clubs which have little spare funding to spend developing a website so that they can remain competitive in their area. This is why we offer a special ‘club’ package from AU$1050 (incl. GST) for all not-for-profit clubs.

The Club Package includes:

  • A choice of sample themes which can be slightly modified to suit the clubs colours.
  • A full Content Management System – this means that an authorised person can edit the content as easily as editing a Word document, without having to ‘upload’ the changes to your account with the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • 3 Pages of web content i.e. Home Page, About Us, Contact Us.
  • An image gallery in which an authorised person can easily upload and maintain images to be shown on the website.
  • News and Information area for posting current information.
  • List of sponsors in a sidebar. This is usually a list of company logos which will link out to their websites.

In return for the discounted pricing, Dizzybee asks that we be allowed to be one of your sponsors listed.

In addition to the price above, you will be required to also purchase (if you haven’t done so already) the following:

  • A Domain name.
  • Domain Hosting.

Dizzybee can obtain domain name registration and hosting for you at very competitive rates. If you choose this option it also makes supporting your website easier and cheaper should any maintenance, upgrades, or additional development be requested by you as we have a good relationship with our registration and hosting provider.

See our portfolio for samples of our websites.