PHP Property Report

Brief In conjunction with a specialise Drupal module and the output of an iOS App, this report was necessary to display the dynamic information which was recorded for Property Inspections.  The current solution was that the client was given a paper copy of a report.  However, this did not harness to power of the output that the App produced.  The aim of the report was to produce a dynamic report with images and video which could be emailed to the client and accessible at any time.
Solution The solution was to create a report which pulled in the information that was generated from the iOS App via Amazon services which delivered the information in the form of JSON.  This JSON information was used to generate the report utilising PHP, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, CSS and HTML.

This report is not currently in use as the iOS App is still not complete.


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Project details
  • Client: Property Inspection Manager
  • Date: September 2013