Brief After many years selling the Smartpouch products at trade-shows, the inventor, designer and developer of Smartpouch wanted to open up his potential market and start selling online.  Initially Smartpouch developed and hosted their website with another Perth  company.  However after thousands of dollars spent and little or no technical help, they decided to approach Dizzybee for a better solution – which was also cheaper.
Solution As Smartpouch wanted to re-test the waters with their new product online, Dizzybee suggested that they go with a cheaper online selling tool using Drupal7 using Ubercart – as opposed to a more commercial type like BigCommerce which incurs a monthly charge.  We used Paypal as the payment gateway.Smartpouch is regularly updating their products so the ease and simplicity of Drupal allows them to delete/add/modify their range of products without any costly overheads and time lag of getting a developer to make these changes for them.

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